“Under promise, Over deliver”

My passion for photography started when i was very young and I have had a camera since i can remember. And whilst my background is IT based and im quite a geek and love all the technical aspects of photography (Shutter speeds/ apertures/ ISO/lighting etc) and ill ramble on to anyone about them that will listen, I am passionate about people and love to be able capture moments that I know other people will cherish forever. Over the years I have developed my own style and like to think of myself as reportage/photo journalist photographer where i capture a natural memory of an event. I always try to capture natural candid shots and for me the biggest compliment to say that you never realised that I took a certain shot.
I work hard to make sure that clients are happy and that all photo shoots are fun and relaxed and an ejoyable experience (I know for many being in front of a camera is quite daunting) and i would like to think of myself of a perfect blend between technical and people person because I understand that if a client is not relaxed it will show on the photographs.
Other than photography my other passions are computers / fitness
(I teach a class called body combat) / cooking (and eating) as well as being a dad to my two young children.