What services do I offer?
I offer 4 main types of photography.
Parties & Events. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs / Engagements/ Birthday Parties etc
Corporate Events for Business
Portraits (Children/ Animals/ Babies/ Families / Sports) in your own home (or location of your choosing)
Head Shots
What will you get ?
All the work I do is provided to you on USB I do this:
to keep the costs down
to allow you to have all the photos to own digitally
to allow you to choose which you want to print yourself
How many photos will you recieve ?
For parties you will receive approx 400 photos but this does vary from event to event.
For home (or on location) portraits, approx 40-50 images are supplied but again varies depending on the project.
How long after your event will you get the photos ?
Photos will be delivered approximately 7-14 days after your event
Do I edit or process the photos in any way ?
I assess each photograph individually for any re-touching or creative application which I deem appropriate.
Photographs will be provided in a mixture of colour and black and white.
What area do I cover ?
I work in London and the surrounding areas.
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